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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to submit?
A: In one envelope, include the following:
  1. The rebate application filled out completely
  2. Itemized receipt or invoice
      • Includes retailer name, manufacturer, model number, purchase date, purchase price and proof of payment
  3. Your most recent Dominion Energy bill
Q. I have more than one rebate to submit, can I mail them in the same envelope?
A. Please submit one envelope per rebate application. All rebates must be mailed to the specific address and Dept # listed on each rebate form.
Q. What is the difference between the purchase dates and the postmark dates?
A. Your purchase must take place during the promotion dates. You must mail your submission by the last eligible postmark date.
Q. I forgot to mail my submission and the last eligible postmark date has passed. What do I do now?
A. Submissions mailed after the last eligible postmark date will be rejected. Our promotions are special because they are carefully planned for specific timeframes and are not available all the time. Watch for future offers on our products, check the dates and submit promptly.
Q. What products are eligible for the promotion?
A. Each promotion form shows a complete list of products that qualify for each promotion. We do not allow product substitutions regardless of information you learn from other sources, so read the promotion form carefully.
Q. Where do I get a copy of the receipt or invoice?
A. Retailers are often able to print a copy of the receipt especially if you purchased with a credit card. Submissions lacking a copy of the receipt or invoice will be rejected.
Q. The retailer did not have the product I wanted and they said the product they were substituting would qualify for the rebate. Is that true?
A. No. Each of our promotion forms lists all products that qualify. We design promotions for specific products and do not allow product substitutions regardless of information you learn from other sources, so please read the offer form carefully.
Q. I mailed my submission. How do I check its status?
A. You have two options:
  1. Visit 24/7 and follow those instructions.
  2. Call us toll free at (855) 499-8442, weekdays, 7am to 6pm MST.
Q. Where do I locate my Account and Service Agreement numbers?
A. The customer (1) account number and (2) service-agreement number can be found on the Dominion Energy monthly statement as shown below:

We recommend using web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to apply online.


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